Head of School Search

The Head of School (HOS) will serve as the leader of the Academy and report to the Board of Trustees (BOT).  The HOS is responsible for the Academy’s daily operation, advancing Saint Rosa’s Mission and implementing other board-established goals. The HOS is responsible for collaborating, monitoring, and reporting on the financial health, Advancement, Student Admissions, spiritual climate, academic standards, development, and community relationships of the school.  The Head of School will collaborate with the Principal and Assistant Principals, who lead and support the development, instruction and supervision of the faculty and curriculum. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The Head of School will:

  • Serve as a steward of Saint Rosa Venerini’s mission and function as the administrative and spiritual leader of the Academy.  
  • Work with the Venerini Academy Board of Trustees (BOT) to execute the Academy’s Strategic Plan, ensure financial stability and effectiveness and fully inform the BOT members - through regular, meaningful, and thorough communication on all aspects of school operations, health and facilities. 
  • Foster and nourish an engaged parent community. 
  • Oversee the Academy’s Administrative Leadership Team to ensure that the educational and developmental needs of each enrolled student are being met on the basis of Catholic principles, professional ethics, and high academic standards. 
  • Partner with the Principal and Assistant Principal(s) to develop, implement and oversee the Academy’s academics programs.
  • Collaborate with the Business Administrator in constructing an annual operating budget. The financial accounts and statements will be monitored and developed by the Business Administrator in close collaboration with the Head of School. 
  • Hire, terminate, and, within the available budget, determine compensation for all school employees with board approval. 
  • Collaborate with the Principal to lead and/or attend faculty meetings, board meetings, school events and community events to highlight and showcase the Academy as necessary or required/requested. 
  • Supervise and contribute to student recruitment and retention efforts. 
  • Supervise and develop an effective Advancement Program, including marketing the Academy as well as growing and retaining an engaged donor base and an endowment fund. 
  • Ensure compliance with and satisfaction of the Academy’s accreditation requirements, legal requirements of government regulations and other regulatory agencies; maintain the standards of the school to satisfy accrediting bodies. 


  • Master’s degree in education or a related field.
  • Educational professional with at least five years of experience in teaching, including educational/business administration.
  • Exceptional administrative, management, and leadership skills. 
  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills; ability to work effectively with all stakeholders,     including administration, faculty, staff, and parents of the student body.
  • Previous experience in a Catholic school is preferred.