"To Educate to Set Free.”  St. Rosa Venerini committed herself, through God’s grace, to the education in of girls and young women in 17th century Italy. An education anchored in helping her students to grow in their knowledge and love of God, a love that would impel them to serve Him in through their actions and service in the world.

Today, our children need the kind of enlightened, faithful, holistic education that St. Rosa established over 300 years ago: learning that inspires the mind, enkindles their heart, forms the character and awakens the spirit to love and serve God and others.

Venerini’s life-liberating mission continues today, as crucial as ever in our post-modern, secular world.  From preschool through middle school, we guide our students to grow in their Catholic Christian faith and their encounter with the person of Jesus Christ.  As their friendship and love with Christ grows, so does their hope and joy as they learn to live the gospel in their daily lives.