Venerini Academy has risen to the need and opportunities to dive in full steam and address the challenges of online learning. Our timeline below is further evidence how quickly we can respond to student needs and work as a community to regularly access and evolve our curriculum. 

We are so proud to be staying current on core classes, while also adding the value of specials like art, music, language and PE in this time of crisis. We are blessed with a committed faculty and staff, and thank all our students and parents for staying connected.

Revamped Curriculum Model

Grades Prek-Grade 2 focus areas :                                                                                                                    Grades 3-8 focus areas:

o   Module 1 - Creating Simple Choice Boards in Google Docs and Slides                                 o   Module 1  - Creating Hyperdocs in Google Docs and Slides

o   Module 2 - Seesaw Basics                                                                                                                                 o   Module 2 - Using Padlet Bulletin Board for Classwork and Discussions

o   Module 3 - Using Thinglink Interactive Images                                                                                   o   Module 3 - Wakelet - Curating Collections of Content

o   Module 4 - Wakelet - Curation Collections of Content                                                                  o   Module 4 - Peardeck in a Nutshell

The faculty and staff at Venerini hope you're feeling all right!

Our student council members offer messages of hope and kindness to our families and friends. 

Preschool teachers Judy Rawan and Eileen Smith stay connected to their students with interactive learning and acitivies. 

Our Library Media Specialist Liz Cammilleri shares an update on online learning. Venerini's students, teachers and staff have  been incorporating digital learning all year, making the transition to online learning easier for our families. 


Callie Dubrey tells us what her time at Venerini has meant to her and her plans for the future.
Justin has been a VA student since Kindergarten, and here he tells us what he has learned and how it will help him succeed in the future.
Valerie shares what the VA has meant to her, and her plans for the fall and beyond.
Nick tells us what he has learned and his plans for the future.