Venerini Academy's dedicated, highly-qualified faculty members work together to create an environment that promotes respect, inclusiveness, and joy for all children as they challenge students to reach their full potential. Over 85 percent of our teachers have earned a Master's Degree in their subjects areas. The majority of our full-and part-time teachers also hold Massachusetts State Certification, which they are required to renew every five years.

Mrs. Beth Chase
Ms. Paula Fiorillo
Assistant Principal for Curriculum
Mrs. Mary Sivo
Director of Admissions and Athletics
Mrs. Rosanna Swillo
School Social Worker, Director of Advancement
Mrs. Jean Atamian
School Secretary
Mrs. Anne Atkins
Teaching Assistant - Grades 3/4
Mrs. Valerie Ayuso Paris
Spanish Teacher- Grades 5-8, Religion Teacher- Grade 6
Mrs. Nike Beaudry
Music Teacher - PreK - 8
Mrs. Sarah Blodgett
Teacher - Grade 5A
Ms. Michelle Brooks
Technology Administrator
Mrs. Elizabeth Cammilleri
Librarian; Technology Integration Specialist
Sr. Carmen Capriole
Ms. Grace Champagne
Teacher - Grade 1B
Ms. Sarah Cousins
Science Teacher - Grades 7-8
Ms. Patrice Cronin
ELA Teacher - Grades 7-8
Mr. Mark Dilegge
Teacher - Grade 6
Ms. Katherine Donnelly
School Nurse
Mrs. Emily Dyson
Teacher - Kindergarten KA
Mrs. Hiam Frances
French Teacher - Grades K - 4
Mr. Albert Ganem Jr.
Teacher - Grade 5B
Ms. Lynann Gaughan
Teacher - Grade 3A
Mrs. Angela Gordon
Teacher - Grade 4B
Mrs. Nora Hale
Teacher - Kindergarten KB
Mr. Arian Haxhiu
Mrs. Cynthia Henderson
Business Manager
Mrs. Anjali Kartha
Assistant to Director of Advancement, Secretary Assistant
Sr. Angela Kavil
Religion Teacher - Grades 5, 7-8
Ms. Aya Khoury
Teaching Assistant - Preschool
Ms. Emily Lindberg
Teacher - Grade 2A
Mrs. Christi Lipka
Social Studies Teacher - Grades 7-8
Mrs. Gina Mantel
Teaching Assistant - PreK4
Mrs. Erynn McKay
Teacher- Preschool
Mrs. Amanda Mclaughlin
Teacher - Preschool
Mr. John Mollica
Math Teacher - Grades 7-8
Mrs. Maria Munoz
Teaching Assistant - Preschool
Mrs. Lisa Nelson
Teacher - Grade 3B
Mrs. Mary O'Leary
Science Teacher - Grade 6; STEM
Mrs. Sara O'Toole
Teacher - PreK4
Mr. Paul Orsi
Mrs. Kristine Paquette
Teaching Assistant - Grade K-2
Mrs. Anita Perry
Reading Specialist
Mrs. Kristina Peterssen
Teacher - Grade 2B
Mrs. Christina Rogan
Teacher - Grade 1A
Ms. Briana Shaughnessy
Teaching Assistant - Grade 1
Sr. Carol Skehan
Mrs. Susan Slepetz
Art Teacher - PreK - 8
Mrs. Eileen Smith
Teaching Assistant - PreK4
Mr. Andrew Sprunger
Teacher - Grade 4A
Mrs. Suset Tokatli
Teaching Assistant - Middle School 7/8
Mrs. Tracy Wagner
Teacher - PreK4