Our Education Philosophy
What does the future hold for our children? What will they need to succeed academically—and in life? Our world is changing so fast that it's impossible to envision how people will live and work by the time our children are grown. How, then, do we prepare them at Venerini Academy for success in an unknowable future? 
We inspire children to learn. We want our students to be enthusiastic about learning not only while they're with us, but for a lifetime. Our graduates have a solid academic foundation and feel confident enough to follow their curiosity beyond what they “have” to do in life. They continue learning for a bigger purpose--for the sake of connecting with and understanding other people and the world around them.

We honor each child as a unique individual. Whether they first step through our doors as preschoolers, middle schoolers, or somewhere in between, we evaluate each child's academic strengths and areas of weakness and begin the process of guiding that student to grow in knowledge, skills, and confidence.

We make learning exciting—and relevant. Our teachers are experts at showing children how to make connections between different academic disciplines and real world problems. By using the latest technology, the Empowering Writers Program, and hands-on projects, we infuse our classroom learning with excitement and demonstrate to our students how their lessons are relevant to the world beyond Venerini Academy. These cross-curriculum learning experiences teach students how to be creative critical thinkers and problem solvers, and cultivate a true passion for knowledge.