Inspired to Learn. Formed to Lead.
What does the future hold for our children? What will they need to succeed academically and find fulfillment and meaning in life? Our world is changing so fast that it’s difficult to envision the future. How, then, do we prepare students for the world ahead of them?
It begins with honoring each student as a unique individual. Venerini Academy is deeply committed to the holistic development and well being of its adolescent students. We understand the social, emotional, and academic needs of this age group, and provide students with both the challenge and encouragement they need to excel in their learning and grow as responsible, caring, and happy teenagers and young adults. In an environment of high standards and expectations, our students strive for excellence in all endeavors.

Our eighth grade students have excelled in the PSAT, with scores exceeding national and local averages. Our graduates are consistently admitted to the top Catholic and private high schools, well prepared for the challenges of higher level learning and AP classes.

Active, Engaged Learning

We know that students learn best through active inquiry, engagement, and reflection. Our student-centered approach guides students to understand how they learn and how to be successful. Our teachers do much more than impart knowledge and information. They serve also as coaches and mentors, guiding and empowering students to learn how to learn and to become self-motivated, active learners. 

Within this pedagogy, learning is personalized and focused on helping each student achieve subject mastery and readiness for future learning. We emphasize project-based learning, with students applying what they’re learning to projects that address real-world problems. This hands-on, collaborative learning develops essential skills of teamwork, communication, creativity and critical thinking.

Learning Designed for Adolescents

In our small, personalized classes, teachers and students develop the knowledge, skills, and habits needed for high school success. Our challenging and integrative curriculum is specifically designed to meet the unique learning needs and interests of adolescents.

Our close partnership with WPI’s STEM Education Center helps guide our strong programs in science, technology, mathematics, and robotics, and also influences our curriculum across our programs in language arts, literature, religion, social studies and geography, and art.  We continue to develop new models of teaching that emphasize active, student engagement and cultivate 21st century skills of critical thinking and problem solving.

Cultivating Servant Leaders

Academic excellence is important, but it is not the only essential component of your child’s education. At Venerini, we actively encourage middle school students to become engaged leaders within our school, formed in character with a readiness to serve others.  In these wonderful and enriching middle school years, students naturally and formally assume a greater leadership and mentoring role. We provide a broad range of service and leadership opportunities, both within and outside the school, through which students gain a greater sense of responsibility and awareness that their actions make a difference in the lives of others.

Growing as Christian Disciples

Inspired by Saint Rosa Venerini’s vision, we guide students to develop a deep love of God, the center of our school and the source of our true happiness. In our welcoming Catholic community and through our faith formation and retreats, our middle school students grow in their relationship with Christ, as they hear and respond to His call to become loving, Christian disciples in the world.



Middle School Distinctives

• Big Ideas Math Program

• Wit & Wisdom Curriculum

• Engineering is Elementary

• Google Classroom and 1:1 Chromebooks 

• STREAM / Robotics Lab

• Mindstorms EV3 (cross-curricular STEM)

• Curriculum Development Specialist



Why Choose Middle School at Venerini Academy? 

1.    We teach students how to learn. Our vigorous program readies them for success as motivated, inspired learners.                                                                                 
2.    Outstanding teachers who work together to make learning exciting – and relevant.                                    
3.    We embrace the formative “tween” years of early adolescence, and provide an environment in which each student can thrive.                                                                   
4.    Small, interactive classes with a focus on personalized, student-centered learning.                             
5.    Outstanding partnership with WPI inspires our STEAM programs and project-based experiences.          
6.    In our Christ-centered community, students grow in faith, knowledge, and virtue, to become responsible, servant leaders in the world.                            
7.    Broad enrichment programs in athletics, art, music, leadership, technology, service, and more.

Brick-by-brick, Venerini Academy provides the foundation upon which successful high school and college careers are built.”