Living Our Faith                                                                                              
We accept students and families of all faiths and belief systems. The religious programs at Venerini Academy call on all students to grow in the knowledge and practice of their faiths. God is at the center of our lives, and our nurturing, faith-filled community encourages all students with opportunities to explore and embrace their own spiritual beliefs. 
Our Catholic Identity                                                                                                

The faculty and administration at Venerini are dedicated to infusing the daily routine at the Academy with spiritual and social values, Catholic/Christian beliefs, respect for all cultures and faiths, and a sense of respect for themselves and others. Our school day begins with communal prayer invoked by the Principal. Prayer is followed by a kindness quote read by one of our students, with students at each grade level reciting a formal prayer and spontaneous petitions. Prayer before lunch and at the end of the school day assures our community that God's presence is with us throughout the day. 

Religion Curriculum and Spiritual Activities                                                                                                

Our Religion Curriculum includes the tenets of the Catholic faith, formal and spontaneous prayer, religious devotions, and the expression of faith through liturgy and prayer services. Religion classes meet daily. Discussions in Social Studies, Science, Literature and the Arts often incorporate and reference Catholic Christian values and ideals.