Over the past two years, Venerini Academy has been engaged in an intensive program of institutional assessment, reflection, and planning, to reimagine and define the kind of school we want to become, and to set the strategic course for our continued success and growth.
The fruit of this campus-wide discussion, Calling Forth Greatness, is a five-year plan that will guide us in achieving its ambitious goals in teaching and student learning, faith and character formation, student and community life, and institutional development and growth.
This plan flows from and reaffirms the values and commitments that inspired St. Rosa and the Venerini Sisters to begin their remarkable Catholic educational ministry in Italy almost 350 years ago. In this, our 75th year, Venerini Academy confidently looks forward, emboldened with a renewed mission and confident vision that will continue to lead our way.
We invite you to join us in this essential work.


Strategic Focus Areas:

“Called to Greatness”

The Venerini Academy Strategic Plan, is the fruit of a highly collaborative, year-long assessment process, gathering input from hundreds of stakeholders, crafting a bold vision for institutional development and growth, and finalizing a comprehensive plan that will guide our future. We are very grateful for the generous time and insight that so many people brought to this process, and are particularly appreciative of those listed below who actively guided our work as part of our Steering Committee and Planning Teams. 

We invite you to learn more about our strategic plan and our school’s essential mission of excellence in student learning and formation. 

STRATEGIC PLANNING STEERING COMMITTEE                                                          Jean Atamian, Trustee
Karen Baer, Trustee                                                                                                                                    Liz Cammilleri, Faculty/Librarian
Sister Teresa Rose Carchidi, M.P.V., Provincial/Trustee
Michael Christy, Trustee/Parent
Raymond Dewar, Principal/Trustee
Paul Jourcin, Trustee
Carolyn Kaufman, Trustee
John Lian, Trustee/Parent
Brother J. Conal Owens, C.F.X., Chairperson/Board of Trustees
Georgia Parafestas, Trustee
Diane Sullivan, Faculty
Leah Zilla, Trustee/Parent

MISSION AND CATHOLIC IDENTITY PLANNING TEAM                                    
Sister Angela Kavil, M.P.V., Faculty
Stephen Keating, Former Parent/Consultant                                                                  Cheryl LaFlash, Faculty
Judy Rawan, Faculty
Sister Carol Skehan, M.P.V., Admissions
Eileen Smith, Faculty
Arlene Wolfe, Faculty

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE PLANNING TEAM                                                                        Betty Anderson, Venerini Associate                                                                                  Danielle Aronson, Parent        
Karen Baer, Trustee
Ian Carlson, Faculty
Anna Cerny, Parent
Denise Cross, Former Faculty
Paula Fiorillo, Faculty
Echo Lahey, Parent
Sandy Marine, Former Faculty
Sean Murtha, Parent
Daniella Napolitano, ’98, Parent
Christina Rogan, Parent                                                                                                            Deborah Semenyck, Grandparent
Diane Sullivan, Faculty

SCHOOL LIFE AND CULTURE PLANNING TEAM                                                                Liz Cammilleri, Faculty/Librarian
Alisha Jaquith, Parent
Caitlin Johnson, Parent
Paul Jourcin, Trustee
Lisa Neeley, Parent
Lisa Nelson, Faculty
Mary Sivo, Faculty/Athletic Director
Cathy Toscano, Parent/PTO
Tracy Wagner, Faculty

OPERATIONAL VITALITY PLANNING TEAM                                                              Michelle Brooks, Faculty/Parent
Jan Cerny, Parent
Ryan Clancey, Parent
James Cunningham, Parent
Gina Dugan, ’93, Parent
Erin Esposito, Parent
Vinnie Myles, Advancement Director
Katie O’Brien, Enrollment Director
Jeniffer Pratt, Parent/PTO 
Kevin Provencher, Parent

Jessica Sabourin, Parent/PTO